Install your very own state-of-the-art simulator in your home or office starting at $35,000!

Why, BOGolf Simulators?

CityGolf has obtained exclusive rights to distribute and install BOGolf Simulators in your home or business. We currently use BOGolf Simulators at our Milk Street location. BOGolf offers the best technology and graphics in the industry, using direct-measure, high-speed machine vision cameras and infrared light!  With dozens of installations you are supported by 20 years of knowledge and a brick-and-mortar facility in the heart of Boston using the same technology.  Additionally, 24-7 customer support from the manufacturer makes your experience seamless!

From BOGolf:

Super High Speed Cameras

BOGolf uses our own proprietary Super High Speed Camera system – the most up to date technology – to capture ball flight information including Ball Speed, Launch Angle and Spins. High Speed Cameras measure real time ball flights. This delivers the most accurate information.  Most of golf simulators use old Infra-Red Sensors to obtain ball flight information calculated on the club face. In other words, there is no accuracy!

3D Graphics Engine

BOGolf Simulators are the only golf simulators which can be used for Indoor and Outdoor driving ranges, a Dual Use Capability. There are thousands of outdoor driving ranges where you can use our product for golf academy or golf games.

3D Graphics Engine

Our industry leading high definition 3D golf course creation engine is owned by us and currently has more than 120 golf courses. Using GPS and other course design/creation sources, BOGolf can create and deliver your own course or national favorite to you in a few weeks. Our competitors are asking you to wait for many months or up to one year. Any golf club can create its own golf course for their members to play increasing revenue; sales of food & beverages, club fittings and golf academy usage.


What about Price? We do not believe in high priced marketing strategies. We offer the best quality products at affordable prices. You can purchase our BOGolf Simulators at half the price of our competitors’ comparable simulator systems.

Golf Academy

Academy Directors can be confident in the accuracy of our Simulator Practice Mode systems which give unequaled, Coaching and teaching opportunities: Practice any shot using our 9 Flight Path Shot Analysis, Practice any club – putting, chipping, short and long game, including challenges – Longest Drive and Nearest to Pin and don’t forget to maximize your revenue from Club Fitting and even which ball to play using practice mode.


Golf Courses, Golf Academies, Hotels and Resorts, Retirement Homes, Sports Centers and Stores, Simulator Clubs/Cafes, Schools, Individual Homes and many others can buy our golf simulators.

On Line Competition

Enjoy real time fun in friendly challenges with any BOGolf Simulator – locally, nationally or worldwide. Compete against your absent friends in head to head and tournament play, even team formats.


Our high-speed cameras are protected and installed on the ceiling – no danger of breakages there. Calibration is a one-off activity! BOGolf Simulators have a standard space footprint but the most reliable performance.

Start Up & Play

Our menu is easy to use – You are playing and having fun in no time!

Are you interested in a BOGolf simulator in your home or are you looking to start an indoor golf business? Contact us today about BOGolf Simulators and Pricing.

Why, TruGolf Golf Simulators?

CityGolf has renewed our rights to distribute and install TruGolf Simulators in your home or business. We have installed TruGolf Simulators in our clients homes in the past. TruGolf is one of our favorite simulators on the market.

From TruGolf:

For avid golfers, golf isn’t just a casual hobby; it’s a passion that involves the constant pursuit of improving your swing and getting a little better than you were the day before. Whether your goal is to make the high school golf team, become a professional PGA golfer, or just beat your buddies in a longest drive competition, regular practice is imperative. TruGolf’s professional golf simulators are perfect for helping you get the practice you need, no matter where you live or when you want to play.

An indoor golf simulator from TruGolf isn’t just any ordinary golf simulator. The precise analytics, easy set-up, and realistic graphics of their affordable models have completely changed the golf simulator industry. With virtual simulations of over 85 world-renowned golf courses and 36 modes of play, you can treat yourself to a different experience every time you turn on your personal golf simulator.

Golf Simulators for Home Use

Our virtual golf simulators have been purchased by country clubs, golf courses, professional golfers, and college golf teams, but they are also commonly bought by individuals looking to practice their swing inside their own home.

All of our golf simulators are easy to install and come in various sizes to accommodate space restrictions. It starts with our Technique golf simulators, three affordable simulators are adaptable enough to be set up almost anywhere.

Or for a customizable practice arena complete with incredible features and even-more simulated golf courses, try our Signature, Premium, or Horizon golf simulators.

With every TruGolf golf simulator model, you’ll experience using E6Golf simulation software, which uses cutting-edge graphics and technology to add unprecedented realism to your golf simulation experience, right from the comfort of your home.