Pro Tip Tuesday: Your Short Game – (Attack Your Weak Spots)

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Attack Your Short Game

In the recent issue of Golf magazine Daniel Berger talks about drills that helped his career:

I Learned A Powerful Truth

My game took off after I learned a powerful truth: Hitting 20 smart practice shots helps a lot more than mindlessly banging range balls.

You don’t need to hit dozens of shots. Me? I practice one stock pitch. I use the same club (my lob wedge) and make the same overall motion, which gives me consistent height, trajectory and spin. The only variable I tinker with is landing area. For, say, a 20-yard pitch, I pick a spot six yards from the hole – that’s where I want the ball to land. I let roll do the rest. If I’m 30 yards out, I’ll land the ball eight yards from the hole. The trick is to let your body and swing “react ” to different landing spots while keeping everything else the same. (It’s about instinct).” – Daniel Berger

Daniel Berger’s Short Game Drill:chipping lesson

  1. Set tees in the practice green at 10,20 and 30 yards out. Your goal is to land the ball near each tee using the same club and the same overall pitching motion.
  2. As you size up the shot, let your eyes tell your body how fast to swing the club, or how far to take it back. Don’t think! See the shot in your mind, then pull the trigger.
  3. Hit each spot in succession, then work your way backwards. once you can nail these yardages at will, the short game becomes child’s play-and you’ll pile up par saves.


Get good with one club in your short-game practice. The fewer the variables, the easier it is to pull off quality shots under pressure.