Pro Tip Tuesday: Get Full Rotation

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Rotate better through the golf swing

Work on “Flaring the Skirt”

Over the last couple weeks we have noticed that some members and guests have not been able to rotate as well as they should! It is very important to disassociate your lower body from your upper body to maximize your golf swing. The ideal backswing should consist of the hands and arms moving in sequence with the rotation of the upper torso. In the downswing transition initiate with the lower body and allow the upper body to rotate through. At impact instead of flipping the club through the hitting zone, release it with the body. Then the hips should release and finish towards the target.

golf swing rotation

Hip Rotation Drill

Hug the club across your chest and while keeping the club in line with the target just rotate the hips back and forth. This may seem like an easy task but can be more challenging than you think. Note that the club and the upper body should not rotate at all. Do this drill a couple times this week and you should be able to achieve maximum potential with the back swing rotation and make a powerful move in the downswing towards the target (“flaring the skirt”).