Pro Tip Tuesday: Driver vs. Iron

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Utilizing the Driver

There has been a trend with Citygolfers over the last couple months; they come in automatically grab a 7 iron to warm up but then never transition to another club. Ask yourself how many times last year you pulled out the driver or even thought about it in your 30 minute or hour sessions. Here are some tips for developing more consistent driver shots and rounding out your overall game.


Get the Driver back in Your Bag

Let’s break down how to swing the driver to try and build up some confidence so we can add this club back to our bag!

Proper Setup

Driver ball alignment


Make sure to align the ball off the lead heel.

Why? This will help with swinging upward on the ball
Driver hand placement


Getting the hand into the right position

Why? Having this setup you will build up the tension in your back and legs enough to have an athletic swing. If you extend to far or “move pass the wall” you will release that tension and not generate as much power.


Driver swing pathPath of the Swing

Why? This visual helps you understand how the driver swing compares to the iron swing. You still need to stay inside” the hula hoop” but at the point of contact you will have an upward direction rather than a downward one like with the iron shots.






Driver vs. Iron Impact Position

The Driver should have an upward hit on the golf ball to maximize distance and create the most optimal launch and spin condition.

golf driver lessons











The Irons should have a slightly downward hit on the golf ball for the ultimate impact

golf iron lessons














Let’s get you back to having confidence in your Driver and make 2017 your best year so far for your golf game. Be sure to stop by CityGolf Boston and schedule your next golf lesson to lower your score and have more fun playing to your maximum potential.