Pro Tip Tuesday: Chip Shots

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Need Chip Shot Help?

If you’re making poor contact on chip shots—hitting behind the ball or catching it thin—it’s probably because you’re trying to help the ball into the air. Your hands are too active, and you’re hitting up at impact. I’m going to walk you through a chipping technique that will make it easy to hit the ball perfectly off the turf.

  1. Lean to the target: With a narrow stance, angle your feet toward the target, and play the ball off the big toe of the back foot. Lean your chest and hands slightly toward the target
  2. Let your wrists hinge naturally
  3. Keep your chest moving: It’s important to keep your body pivoting forward and your chest should be turning toward the target
  4. Impact is Crucial: Make a smooth swing and literally stare at the clubface as it strikes the ball.

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