Pro Tip Tuesday: 3 Perfect Putting Drills

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3 Perfect Putting Drills

Practicing with the right strategy is key to improving your golf game. Here are three putting drills that incorporate all aspects of putting to maximize results.


The Coin Drill

This should be practiced at the beginning of your practice session and is a relaxed drill. The coin drill focuses your mind on hitting a target. Place the coin about a foot away from a golf ball on a flat part of the green, hit the ball over the coin; repeat 20 times. This drill is designed for you to become more aware of your target line and how the ball comes off your club.


The Clock Drill

This is used by some of the best golfers and is considered a pressure drill. Position 4 balls three feet from the hole at 3-6-9 & 12, like a clock, and sink all the balls. If you miss one or more set it up again until you make all the putts. Once you sink all four putts move the position of the 4 golf balls back a foot. If you sink those move the position back another foot until you miss. Try and beat your score over and over again.


The Pull Back Drill

A heavy duty putting drill designed to get you focused on sinking putts consistently. Every time the golf ball is not sunk you must pull the ball back 3 feet from the hole, about the size of your putter. Play every hole as a par two. It puts a lot of pressure on you sinking short putts.


Putting Drills Video

Stick with these drills and you will see your putting game improve drastically. Before your next lesson make sure you are taking 20 or more putts on our putting green to improve your overall game and lower your score!