New Kids on the Block; Is the Champ in Trouble?

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With the CityGolf Simulator League wrapping up week 1 the Champ, Tony D., is seeing some brutal competition from the young guns. Round one we saw Aaron T. score a (-2) at Kingsbarn Front-9, “It all came together,” says Aaron which made it easy to get to the green in regulation on many holes. Aaron wasn’t the only youngster to go under Par, Chris B. (-1) finished Kingsbarn in 20 minutes and moved on to his next round at Emirates Back-9 where he shot a (-2). I was playing so well that I decided to keep going, said Chris, I was hitting the ball straight and getting myself into positions where I could make an easy putt. Kingsbarn seems to be very forgiving, with wide open shots and short distances. We still have heavy hitters left to tee off including Ed, Travis, Chris S., Tom, Al and Eric.


Although the competition is playing well out of the gate, Tony D. looks to stake his claim in the upcoming rounds to maintain his title and grab glory. He is going to get his practice revved up this week and next to make some better swings within 100 yards to avoid long putts and get his short game back to where he knows it should be.


We have seen great play from all the competitors and it seems that Kingsbarn isn’t giving anyone much trouble. With Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay in the upcoming weeks we will see if the field can maintain their confidence and put up more great scores. Check out the League Leaderboard and schedule to get this week’s latest stats