Make Elbow Room

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Where Should My Elbow Be In My Golf Swing?


In the last several months we have seen a trend in members asking where their elbow should be in their backswing.elbow in golf swing

While not all golf instructors can agree on where your elbow should be during your swing, most agree that it should be tucked. At address your arms are positioned in front of the chest and must remain in front throughout the swing. In order to get proper right elbow, hinge you must keep your arms and elbows in front of you. The right elbow should hinge up, not back. As your right elbow goes up make sure to keep your right forearm on plane. Your shoulder turn brings the club behind your head, not your arms.

Do this drill to focus on folding the right elbow up and not behind you.

A proper right elbow hinge is paramount to creating a fundamentally solid backswing.