How to Re-grip a Golf Club

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Your Quick Guide to New Grips

Are the grips on your golf clubs starting to be so worn you’re seeing metal? If you are thinking about getting new grips put on your clubs for this season, here is a quick guide on how easy it is to re-grip your own golf clubs.

Before you get started make sure you have the right tools. You will need a hook blade, two-sided grip tape, solvent, golf grips, scissors and a towel.

Step #1: Slice and Peel

Using the hook blade make a slice all the way up the grip starting at the bottom. Peel off the grip and the old tape. Clean off the shaft as much as possible before moving on to step 2.

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Step #2: Measure and Tape

Now that the shaft is cleaned up and ready for the new grip, how much tape do we use?

Important Tip: Hold the grip up next to the club so the top of the grip is just slightly above the top of the shaft. Place the tape about half an inch above the bottom of the grip (If you are using a Golf Pride grip there is usually a line that I like to reference to place the tape). The tape should extend about half an inch over the end of the shaft, cut the tape with scissors.

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Step #3: Wrap and Fold

Smooth out the tape vertically from bottom to top and then smooth out the tape around the shaft about ¾ of the way. Take the top paper off the two-sided tape and continue to wrap the tape around the shaft while keeping everything nice and smooth. Fold over the top of the tape that extends past the shaft so the hole is completely covered. Important: Make sure that the fold covers the hole completely so that it protects the end of the grip in Step #4 when you slam the grip into the towel on the floor.

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Step #4 Soak and Push

Before you begin this step make sure the towel is on the floor next to a sink. Spray the grip solvent onto the tape over a sink and into the bottom of the grip with your thumb over the hole at the top of the grip. With your thumb and finger over both holes swish the solvent back and forth in the grip and then pour evenly over the tape. Lineup the grip to go down the middle of the club (For most clubs they will have a sticker where you can tell where the middle of the club is; If there is no sticker line up the grip however you prefer). Push the grip down the shaft making sure it covers the tape until you can see the folded part through the top hole on the grip. Turn the club over and slam the end of the grip into the towel on the floor a couple times to make sure the grip is all the way on.

This is one of the most important things to remember when redoing a grip is to use enough solvent and to work fast. If you do not add enough solution or work quickly the solvent can dry and the club will be stuck halfway down the shaft.

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Step #5 Adjust and Wait

The grip is on the club, but now it’s time to make sure it is aligned where you want it. I have found the most success when I line up the logo or line at the beginning of the grip and adjust from the bottom to the top. Once you think it’s aligned I like to verify it by holding the grip up to an overhead light and using the logo or line at the bottom to line up the entire grip using the  reflection from the light. Additionally, address an imaginary ball and make sure everything is how you want it.

Since the solvent dries quickly, it is important that you move fast and have everything lined up during Step #4 to make it easy.

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If you are regripping an entire set of clubs I prefer to perform these steps in bulk. If you are still hesitant to regrip golf clubs on your own, reach out to CityGolf Boston to get your golf clubs regripped. CityGolf Boston can order any grips you prefer and also has plenty in stock.