Get a Grip on Grips!

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Golf club grips have definitely changed over the years and Golf Pride, established in 1949, has over 60 years of experience in the industry. Golf Pride is known for making high quality grips and offers several different lines, to target every golfers need. My favorite, the Tour Velvet grip is designed to wick away moisture and feel smooth on your hands so you can perform well in the rain or hours on the range. Golf Pride doesn’t stop there, they offer several other models including the New Decade Multi-Compound grip. This grip features a cord material on top and smoother rubber on the bottom. Ever thought about lighter grip pressure? The MCC Plus 4 from Gold Pride is a hybrid grip which has a 4.6% larger grip diameter for your bottom hand.

I would like to point out other grips as well that are also options if you’re in the market for new grips and are weighing your options. Lamkin Crossline, one of Lamkin’s most famous grips, has also introduced their models with a full cord feature. If you are looking for a comfortable grip Winn is known for their Dri-Tac grips.

What about putting? Everyone wants the Super Stroke, they offer a wide variety of colors and sizes. The 3.0 seems to be the most popular but the Fatso grip is a close second. Why go for the fatter grip, well, it promotes a less “handsy” stroke where you focus more on the body movement, at CityGolf we call this the pendulum, where you try and take the wrist out of your putting stroke which leads to you sinking more putts!

At CityGolf we do specialize in golf club re-grips and have partnered with Jack Jolly to get you the best deal. We can walk you through the process to get the perfect grip for you and do have all of the Golf Pride grips on-site so you can try it before you buy. Come in let’s re-grip your entire bag and lower your score!

– Jordan, CityGolf Pro