Is CityGolf for members only?

No. CityGolf is open to the public, and all of our services are available to use à la carte. You can schedule to hit golf balls on our indoor simulators, and take a lesson.

Do I need to make a reservation to practice at CityGolf?

Reservations are required if you are planning on taking a lesson or to use one of our golf simulators.

Do I need to bring my own golf clubs to practice or take a lesson at CityGolf?

No. While you are certainly welcome to bring your own golf clubs to our 167 Milk Street CityGolf location, you do not need to bring your equipment. We have a full selection of makes and models of golf clubs to choose from whether you are using our indoor golf simulators or taking a lesson from one of our teaching professionals.

Is there parking available at your downtown location?

CityGolf does not have a parking lot, and it can be challenging to find on-street parking in downtown Boston. We suggest that you utilize public transportation when coming for a lesson or to practice at CityGolf. If you would prefer to drive however, here is a list of nearby parking garages. 

I have a voucher that entitles me to a “Golf Swing Analysis” – what does that mean?

At CityGolf, our teaching professionals believe in providing clients with a comprehensive learning experience. A swing analysis is a golf lesson taken with one of our teaching professionals, and often includes the use of  Dartfish motion analysis software and high-speed cameras which will provide you with a visual understanding of how the teaching professional understands your golf swing.

I am new to golf, and have no idea how to play. Can you help me learn?

Yes! CityGolf specializes in helping golfers of all levels improve their game. Whether you are an absolute beginner, or are a scratch golfer, CityGolf’s teaching professionals can – and will – help you to lower your score.

I was thinking about getting a new set of golf clubs – can I buy them at CityGolf?

Yes – CityGolf provides Boston’s only custom golf club fitting and custom ordering retail experience. If you purchase golf clubs through CityGolf, you will receive a custom golf club fitting, and we will order your new set of custom-built golf clubs for no extra charge. CityGolf sells clubs from all major club makers including Cleveland Golf, TaylorMade, Callaway, and more.