We Lower your Score!

In 2007, CityGolf’s Head Professional, Gary Parker, was recognized by Boston Magazine as the Best Golf Professional in Boston.  If you visit CityGolf’s, it will not be long before you realize why. Between the use of industry-leading technology and innovative indoor driving range, 50+ indoor golf courses and golf lessons, CityGolf Boston is committed to helping you play your best golf ever.

Whether you have been playing golf for years and can’t seem to break 100, or you are trying to win your club championship for the third year in a row, CityGolf provides the best golf practice options in Massachusetts. Our staff of golf professionals, lead by PGA Class A Head Professional Gary Parker, has helped thousands of Boston area golfers improve their game since 1998.

CityGolf Boston has been a pioneer in the indoor golf industry since opening its doors in 1998. By using best indoor golf technology and supplying information from the best golf professionals in the Boston area, CityGolf has emerged as New England’s best indoor golf training facility.

Dartfish provides the best video software technology for Golf.

Using Dartfish, the leading maker of sports-motion analysis software, all of CityGolf’s lessons are analyzed and explained to you by your teaching professional. Not unlike the technology used by PGA tour commentators when dissecting the swing of a tour professional, Dartfish allows CityGolf’s staff to provide a frame-by-frame analysis of your golf swing or putting stroke.


BoGolf manufactures the best indoor golf simulators.

BoGolf provides the latest features and technology to give you the ultimate golfing experience. Professional golfers have been able to accomplish their game techniques with BoGolf’s exclusive models and support system. Each model has been specifically designed to provide the ultimate 3 Dimensional golfing experiences indoors.

At CityGolf, our game-improvement philosophy often includes the use of high-tech analysis and swing measurement, but there is no more beneficial type of practice than that which teaches you the way a golf shot should feel. Our indoor driving range will help you to do just that.

How? Well we have seen enough golf shots to know that it is entirely possible to hit a good golf shot with poor fundamentals and mechanics. Those few shots that do end up where you intended, are often outnumbered by the many that seem to have a mind of their own. On CityGolf Boston’s indoor golf driving range, you will not be distracted by where the ball goes, but how it feels. This type of practice has proven to be the most effective for our clients, and is a main reason that our clients reduce their handicap by an average of 30% per year.