Set Make Up?

1) You ran out of golf balls, borrowed a brand new Pro V1 from your partner, vowed not to lose it. Of course, you launched it straight into the pond you were supposed to carry 200 yards out. Contemplating an “I’m sorry,” words escaped you.

2) The course superintendent, after noting the worst of your hellacious divots started to stalk you on the back nine. Your wish for some eye-shadow and tanning cream to help conceal your identity, fell upon deaf ears.

3) The match was on the line and your partner missed that silly little 3-footer that cost you the game. After hurling his putter into the lake, you gestured a make-up handshake. To this day, the scar imprinted by that very putter is still visible just below the knee.

4) 185 yards out. Is it the 3 iron or the 5 wood? The Member/Guest has come down to this simple shot. Unfortunately, your last 3 iron went side-ways and your 5 wood alternates between 200 yards and well, duff! Ready to admit defeat, you contemplate your choices. But wait, not this time. You attended CityGolf’s Demo Day and got fitted for a 3 hybrid last year. Choice securely in hand, green is hit in regulation, 2 putts and victory. This was the type of “make-Up” as in Set Make-up you have been searching for!

What better time to discuss your club choices than right before CityGolf’s annual Demo Day (May 3rd), featuring Cleveland’s award winning line-up. Do you have the right type of clubs in the bag? How do you know what 14 clubs are right for you?

Let’s start with the basics: everyone should own (and if you take lesson with us) hit at least 8 out of 14 fairways with a driver. Despite what we do with it, a putter is also a must (we fit for that too, video goes right down to the dance floor capturing the perfect spin off the blade).

Wedges: a 46-48 degree pitching wedge and 54-56 sand wedge are also necessities. The big decisions come in adding a gap wedge and/or 60 degree lob (sorry Mr. Pelz, no 64 degree recommendation here).

Irons: for most of us 5-9 are a given…

Here is where the fun begins: Can you hit a 4 iron or are you better off with a 4 hybrid? Same for the 2 and 3. CityGolf generally prefers a 2 hybrid over a 5 wood for our clients. The distance is comparable and as previously noted in this space, the hybrid is based on an iron platform and is much, much easier to hit than a fairway wood.

When hybrids came out, I dropped my 2 iron for the Cleveland Hi-Bore 3 utility and fell in love with it (it’s still in the bag after 6 years). Hybrids are longer than comparably numbered irons and simply go further. I later added a 1 and 2 hybrid and eliminated all fairway woods. While I recommend 3 woods for many students, it is interesting to compare it to a 1 hybrid from the fairway.

Today, my set make-up is driver, 1,2,3 hybrid, 4-pw irons, 56,60 wedges and a putter. I wish I could have a 15th club and add a gap wedge.

While removing all fairway woods may seem extreme, I found I consistently hit my 1 hybrid 225 yards and felt any extra distance I might gain from the 3 wood was more than offset with the consistency and accuracy of the hybrid. On the other end, I practice my wedge game more than any other part of golf and have learned to control a pitching wedge, toning down to 95 yards and up to 125 yards. This is a very difficult skill and for many, is easier if we have a gap wedge.

Choosing 2,3 or even 4 wedges, versus adding another fairway wood or hybrid is a very personal decision.

A full fitting can help you find the gaps in your game and give you some confident choices when you need them the most. Further, getting the lofts just right on your wedges, hybrids and fairway woods can only be done accurately on a launch monitor. Even just 1 degree of change on one club could make a huge difference with your game.

At the end of the day, having the right set-makeup may be one of the most overlooked facets of golf. About 1 in 3 CityGolf students have the right mix of clubs (and lofts for wedges) prior to a fitting, never mind the actual fit of the clubs.

See us on May 3rd for your free fitting evaluation, including set makeup and give your make-up the love and attention it truly deserves!

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